JET Programme

3 Month update!

And what a crazy three months it has been. I’ve loved every moment of it!

So where to start.

The first two weeks in Japan was all orientations and getting set up for our apartments. I had two wonderful women helping me get organized with my phone, groceries and some appliances. I’m still in contact with the one lady and have gone to karaoke with her and her kids (who both blew me away with how amazing they can sing in English).

I was given permission from nurse mom to take my cast off a couple days earlier (like August 12th instead of August 14th) but I still used it to help build up some muscle. Unfortunately I got a little too excited and over exerted myself so I was back to resting for a few days x.x But it only took me about 3 weeks to being completely crutch and cast free!

I started physiotherapy on September 4th (2 months after breaking my ankle) and it’s been crazy how fast I’ve recovered! I started with a range of motion of a total of 37 degrees from how much I could point my foot up and down. I’m now at a whopping 52 degrees which would probably be more if I didn’t have a screw *cough* 6 screws *cough* in the way. I can also stand on one foot and go onto my tip toes so that’s a huge accomplishment.

My school has been amazing. Although it was really funny as my supervisor at my contracting organization didn’t tell my school about my broken ankle until the DAY BEFORE I was supposed to be meeting my principal and vice principal.

Also within my first month I had survived two missile attacks and a typhoon and a few earthquakes.

But I love my school. My teachers are all so unique and the kids are adorable and sassy. My first time eating lunch with one of my grade 6 classes, the kids were asking what different things were called in English. The problem with that is a lot of Japanese words have the same pronunciation just different kanji (Chinese character). So they had asked what “kami” was in English since it could mean hair, paper or God. So my teacher asked them which kami and pointed to his head and said, “this kami?” and without missing a beat the kid replied, “not that kami, you don’t have any kami (hair).” It was fantastic XD

Speaking of lunch, Japanese lunches are on a whole other level. Like seriously delicious. And the school is planning on doing a Canadian themed lunch every month or so (which I’m so stoked for poutine). And the lovely dietitian teacher takes the time to highlight which lunches have milk or milk products in them so I know what days to bring something from home.

My vice principal is the most animated person I’ve ever met and he is always so friendly and willing to help out even though he is probably the busiest person I’ve ever met. He definitely deserves a vacation.

My principal is also very nice and is very interested by what everyone is doing which I think is actually a good thing. I can’t remember a single principal from when I was in elementary or high school because they were just never around. She does her best to talk to me which I think is great.

Since I’ve started at my school I’ve definitely noticed more and more teachers and staff speaking English which has been amazing.  Even teachers and staff who don’t have to teach English or interact any way in English have been trying their best 🙂 Now when I arrive or leave they say hello and good bye. The dietitian teacher who sits beside me even will try small sentences! And one of my male teachers who never uses any English at all wrote me a note completely in English (and the grammar was perfect).

It’s been a roller coaster of adjusting, but I love it. I love Japan and I love my life!

More to come later 🙂


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