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Update time! I’m in Japan… with a broken ankle

Well the last month has been an incredible blast of business, excitement, and unexpected bumps. Hence the lack of anything for the last little while.

The biggest bump? I lost a fight with a 3 pound dog, 3 stairs, and a blanket and broke my ankle in two places. I had surgery on July 4th and have more metal than bone in my ankle right now. That adventure is a story all on it’s own.

But I had my farewell party completely drugged up, missed my sister’s bachelorette party due to nausea from said drugs, and was a bridesmaid in a wedding for my best friend. Just the month before I left again will be another story.


I made it to Japan. Yes I have a cast. I’m currently in Tokyo at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku. We arrived on July 30th (Sunday) at Narita airport and had to drive to our hotel (another 2 hours). By the time we arrived everyone was exhausted and ready to crash. I was even more cranky because of how far I had to walk on crutches. As soon as I got to my hotel room at around 8 or so and crashed hard. Of course, as expected, I woke up around 3 am (my usual Japan jet lag wake up time). Our first day of orientation involved lots of talking, yawning, and uncomfortable pulling down of suit skirts (crutches suck). Yesterday we finished our second day of orientation and today we will be heading to our respective prefectures and cities to begin our lives in Japan.

I promise to update more once things settle down a little bit đŸ˜›


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