JET Programme

JET Programme- The Final Countdown

Sometimes life gets so hectic and I think I’ve never been so exhausted until the next big thing happens.  And that next big thing is now. This morning I was so exhausted dragging myself out of bed that I was nauseous and ready to cry thinking about going to work.

And I actually like my job.

To put this in perspective, I am taking an intensive French course (5 days a week, 3 hours a day) for the last 6 weeks while working 30+ hours a week while also having an online course to do as well. On top of that I’m in the process of moving my boyfriend to Vancouver and trying to pack for moving to Japan at the same time. I haven’t had a full day off in the last 4/5 weeks.

But as of yesterday, we sent all of his belongings and furniture with the moving company and all that is left is to clean the apartment- which would be a lot easier if it had actually been cleaned between the last tenant and him. So after work today, hopefully we will have the entire apartment scrubbed clean and then tomorrow after work we can just relax.

I only have 6 days left with him, and that includes the 3 days it will take us to get him to Vancouver, the two days I’m at orientation, and the day I fly home. Everything is so bittersweet and I’m literally at 2 opposite ends of the spectrum of emotions. It’s so draining. On one hand I am super excited for both of us finally getting what we’ve worked so hard for. On the other, I’m also very sad because we will no longer be together as we’ve decided not to do a long distance relationship since I have no plans on coming back to Canada and he has no desire to move to Japan.

Then I have 2ish weeks in my city before I take another road trip this time with my mom, back to BC and having to say goodbye to her before leaving for Japan (thank you sister for getting married in Feb. and giving me a great reason to come back for a visit).

It’s crunch time and I still haven’t heard from my Board of Education (who actually is hiring me) or my predecessor. I have so much to do and only 4 weeks left in my city and less than 6 weeks left in the country.

And with everything happening, it still doesn’t feel real that I’m finally moving to Japan. I don’t suppose it will until I am on the plane to Japan.



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