Lost in Japan — Part 3 — Kobe

Day 3, our tour guide took us to Kobe. We did some sightseeing, but our main purpose was to scout out the school that I’d be going to for my study abroad. We were even lucky that the dorms I was staying at let us in to see my room before I started school in the next few days. We met our tour guide in Kobe, as that’s where she was from and were able to take her mini van to our destinations. We first stopped at my school, affectionately known as Kobe Gaidai. It’s actual name is Kobe City University of Foreign Studies. The campus was very nice, with an outdoor pool, tennis courts, archery range, and a pretty large library. We didn’t stay long, since I would be back in a couple days.

Our next stop was to check out my dorm room. We hadn’t actually contacted anyone there, but when we showed up the front desk people were more than welcoming and not only let us in, but showed me my exact room I’d be staying in. It was a small, one room dwelling. I walked in and there was my bathroom (shower and tub room with a sink). Next to it was the actual toilet room. Across was another sink, mini fridge, and some cupboards for food. Then the actual “bedroom” was a single bed with a cupboard at the foot of the bed and a desk against the wall across the room from the bed. It was small, but it worked. There was a shared kitchen with stovetops, microwaves, and large sinks for washing our dishes.


After we left the dorms, we went to the Akashi Kaikyo Suspension bridge which is the longest suspension bridge in the world.  It was amazing, especially since my hometown has the worlds longest bridge over the shortest body of water.


I was lucky to see the bridge light up at night when I was at my homestay during my study abroad program. It lights up with rainbow lights and with no lights from the skyscrapers to disrupt the view, it’s pretty spectacular.

We finished our day at Harbour Land, which is kind of like an outdoor mall, with an actual indoor mall just up the hill. There are tons of specialty shops, for things like Snoopy, Hello Kitty, and even a giant store for Anpanman complete with it’s own Ferris wheel.

I’m not kidding.


I kind of wish I was, but this is Japan we’re talking about.

After eating all the ice cream and visiting the Studio Ghibli store, we finally said goodbye to our wonderful tour guide and returned to Osaka.




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