JET Programme

JET Programme — Part 4 — Results

I thought I cried a lot when I received my email about getting an interview.

Well nothing would have prepared me for what happened when I read the line, “We are pleased to inform you that you have been Short-listed.” I couldn’t even finish the whole email before I started hyperventilating (I kid you not) and crying while trying to find my phone to call my mom. I couldn’t talk and she started panicking until I barely mustered out, “I’m in. I got in.” Of course she knew what I was talking about and even she started crying.  After I hung up with her I started calling my sisters, friends, boyfriend, everyone. My mom wanted to prevent any more heart attacks and texted everyone (including me) “if Meggie calls you, it’s good news”. So I purposely started each conversation with something like, “I have bad news… I won’t be here for your birthday.”

I don’t think I would have had such an intense reaction though if it hadn’t been for the intense and horrible hour and a half wait.

The Embassy of Japan in Ottawa had posted on Facebook that the results would be released — about an hour before I saw it. So I messaged two other people I knew who had applied. One girl had gotten a response and was an alternate, while the other girl had no response yet either. Of course this was happening the day before a test, when I was supposed to be studying and instead I had my phone turned up all the way, and had my email opened up on two computers. After about 30 minutes of waiting I had started to accept my fate — I didn’t get in. I figured that they wanted to tell those getting in first, so that they could message their respective consulates if they had questions. So between comforting the girl who got Alternate status, while also speculating what was taking so long with the other girl, my emotions skyrocketed. I just couldn’t imagine what would happen if I got in, or even if I didn’t get in.

For reference, there are 3 results you can get; Short-listed (guaranteed position), Alternate (if people drop out, you might get called), and of course not accepted.

The first ping came from my phone. Second, laptop. Third, the other laptop. “New Email from JET DESK.” I almost didn’t open the email.  I wanted to puke and cry from nerves. Thankfully I clicked the email, read half of the first line, and well you know the rest. With this email comes a bunch of forms that need to be filled out and mailed (yes , stamp and envelope) by certain dates along with a few other things that you need to get yourself.  I mailed almost everything in by the end of the week. Again, pay attention to specific details when you submit things (no staples).

Unfortunately, after you get your results you still have to wait again for your placement, which is the stage I’m at right now. Literally any day now I will find out where I’m going and who I’m possibly teaching.

I’ll update more once I find out 🙂


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